Modularity in Java 9

Right at the moment OSGi is the best framework to provide modularity for Java applications. In Java 9 Project Jigsaw will bring modularity to the core of the Java runtime. For me it is unclear how Project Jigsaw will impact OSGi. Now Peter Kriens comments on JSR 376 (Java 9 Module System), which is part of Project Jigsaw. In his blog he compares OSGi with the current draft of the module system.

The module system bears resemblance to OSGi. It defines modules, dependencies and even services. I am curious how the experiences made with OSGi will influence the architecture of the module system – and how the module system will affect the way Java applications are designed. OSGi is a niche product – accepted in infrastructure components or development tools like application servers (e.g. GlassFish) or IDEs (e.g. Eclipse), but ill-reputed in business applications. Will Project Jigsaw change the view on modularity frameworks? I hope so. Using OSGi in calvaDrive helps us a lot.

Read more about Peter Kriens‘ opinion about OSGi and JSR 376 here: Java 9 Module System.

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